Google AdWords Advance Display Exam Practice Test

After writing Google AdWords fundamental exam you Need to Write Advance Search Exam or Advance Display Exam.

Advanced Display Exam covers intermediate-to-advanced best practices for managing AdWords Campaigns.

This Mock test is a Advance Display test Before Writing Main exam(Google Adwords Advance Display) you can Practice this test as Mock test and try to score more on Adwords Advance Display Exam

The AdWords Advance Display Certification mock test covers the Advanced aspects of online advertising and campaign management, This Practice test also updated with Google AdWords 2013 syllabus

Google AdWords Advertising Advance Display Exam Basic Rules:
  • 120 minutes will be given to complete the Advanced Search exam
  • 90 questions will be Available in Advanced Display exam and once confirm the answer you cannot modify it in AdWords Display exam
  • 75% score should be needed for passing the Advanced Display exam
  • AdWords Advanced Search exam covers 9 lessons
  • Validity period of Advanced Search exam is of 12 months after 12 months you need to write AdWords Advanced Display exam again

Start Google AdWords Advertising Advance Display Exam Practice Test

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9 comments on “Google AdWords Advance Display Exam Practice Test”

  1. Pradeep Reply

    Google Adwords Advanced Search certification exam Practice Sample Questions and Answers

    Please Send Me to my mail id

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  3. kajal valand Reply

    had good experience after giving this exam…… but the question should be different….. I mean if we r giving exam again and again the questions are repeating…… it should be come to different question. Bt its gud to give……

  4. Will Reply

    Are these actual questions off the exams or do they just represent stuff that is similar to what is asked?

    • Admin_sheema Reply

      Both… It gives you a feel of the kind of questions asked with the ones that are asked and the ones that are likely to be asked.

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